Friday, May 27, 2016

You Can Go Your Own Way

When we started out on this adventure I never anticipated it would be the place where I would crack wide open and find the innermost pieces of my soul. Only this place could have brought me to that exact place, and for that I will forever be thankful. It sounds crazy. Thankful for the: hard, crazy, crushing depression, psychosis, the healing, friend making, visiting, hiking alone in the woods (well, with the dogs), and exploring deeper layers of myself than I ever thought possible.  Exploring meditation, essential oils, incense, healing music and general relaxation.

Recently I have come to a new level of healing that requires I be around more people (and family/friends), attend group therapy, art therapy, swim lap after lap after lap in the pool, hike, eventually run again, get on my road bike and ride, socialize with friends, get a new psychiatrist (scary, I really like my current psychiatrist) and a new therapist (not so scary, I have a great referral from my great therapist: the person who trained her).   Win!

The other things that have been calling us back to Los Anchorage have been the schools.  More kids, more friends, more diversity, more opportunity for extracurricular activities, seeing grandparents and other family members and friends.

So we put an offer in on a house that backs right up to a good elementary school, has trail (real trail with mud and roots and rocks) access within a half mile, has paved trail access that connects up to the Campbell Creek trail, onto the Coastal Trail, and then on to Kincaid. A fantastic bike training route!   Our offer was accepted, our home inspection and appraisal went great and we are on schedule to close on July 1st. 

Currently I am up to my elbows in packing tape, boxes, and sharpies.  Sorting and organizing as best I can as I go through our belongings once again.  The moves (since 2012): Lupine House, Moose House, Labrador House, The Moose Lodge, and now Our New Home, yet to be named ;)  After 4 family moves I feel pretty competent packing and moving, but it's still stress.

So there you have it: Follow your dreams and when you get to the end of a dream build a new one and keep on running, never stop running wild when it comes to your dreams.  

This is Your Life, You Can Go Your Own Way!