Friday, October 11, 2013


We took a three-day trip to "Town" this week and got back late last night. I have what I am calling "town-hangover".  Coming back home from town now requires a period of rest and quiet contemplation.  A trip highlight happened about 10 minutes from The Moose Lodge, on the way to town we saw these caribou crossing the road: 
When we lived in town we did errands, shopping, and visiting here and there, as we could work it all into our lives.  Now when we go to town we have an impossibly long to-do list, that no matter how much we do, will never be fully checked off.  We spent three days running around Los Anchorage, like a band of crazy people on a mission.
When we left on Tuesday we had got our first dusting of snow.

We are still moving items from our former "Shack" property, as per the sales agreement.  Which means I still get to take photos of a place that holds a special place in our lives and has made our life what it is today, this life we have woven together. 
The Shack is known for incredible mushrooms in the fall, but this one was particularly incredible.  It is hard to show how big it is, but I am a size 9 pair of Bogs on in this photo and my foot looks tiny.
I haven't posted this week, nor have I trained (last run was Monday), homework is...and I am giving myself permission to rest for today and come down after a trip to "Town".  Mostly I am feeling like I've lost my running mojo, but I do feel confident that once things settle in a bit more I will be back and stronger.  The ankle sprain is much better, but the injury occurred in the same area as the tendonitis flare I experienced earlier this summer (no surprise there really).  
We saw our first boater go down the river past The Moose Lodge today.  Since we moved here almost two months ago we haven't seen anyone go down river yet.  It reminded us that it is not too late to pump up the Soar and go for a late Fall paddle down the river, before it becomes an ice-filled highway. 
I did upload new photos to the Facebook page.  

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