Sunday, December 1, 2013

Honey Mama's Top 25 Ideas for Combating Cabin Fever on a Budget

In the coming months I’ll be posting on individual activities drawn from this list and share information about: how to find great winter gear on the cheap for the whole family, testing out and reviewing kids and adults winter gear and hearing your ideas for Combating Cabin Fever on a Budget.

I’ll also be answering your questions about life at The Moose Lodge and how our transition is going, from life in The Big City of Los Anchorage to our Little Log Cabin on the Edge of Wrangell-St.Elias.     

Starting today, December 1, through the end of March I will be featuring activities from this list with instructions, ideas, and ways to get in touch with the wild, right out your backdoor, whether you live in a cul-de-sac or out in the wild blue yonder! 

I’ll be featuring a variety of ideas for different interests, ages, and weather conditions. 
I will also be featuring “Guest Blog Posts” including: 

Restorative Yoga sequence with Tracy Johnson, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor;

Musical Appreciation with Musician John Rose

and a Writing Workshop with published Alaskan author Buffy McKay, her recently published novella, Weathered Edge was a first of its kind - a collection of three novellas by three up and coming Alaskan authors. 

Interested in contributing to this series?  E-mail me at: 

Honey Mama's Top 25 Ideas for Combating Cabin Fever on a Budget
1. Re-read The Classics
2. Build a Winter Wilderness Fort or Indoor Pillow Palace 
3. Go on a Wilderness Scavenger Hunt 
4. Relive Your Childhood One Family Movie Night at a Time and learn to make the “Perfect” Bowl of Popcorn and Other Tasty Movie Treats.  
5.  Host a Virtual 5K Race, Jingle Bell Jangle 5K, anyone?
 6. Learn to Cross-Country Ski 
7.  Deck Your Halls!
8. Restorative Yoga with Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor, Tracy Johnson, Guest Blog Post

9.  Learn to Play The Guitar (I’ll be starting in mid-December)

 10. Host an elegant Tea and Costume Party 

11.  Develop a Green Thumb: A Guide to Houseplants

12.  Essential Oils for Wintertime Rejuvenation 

13.  Birdwatching : Christmas Bird Count - Guest blog post by: Cathy Mauer 
14.  Create a Winter Solstice Family Tradition or Host a Winter Celebration 
15.  Create Modern Interpretations of Classic Comfort Foods 
16.  Get Crafty! 
17.  Musical Appreciation with Musician John Rose - Guest Blog Post 

18.  Take one too many selfies! 

19.  Get Buff! 
 20. Refurbish a 30-Year Old Combination Wood/Oil Furnace - Guest Blog Post By: Parke - Guest Blog Post! 

 21. Make Firewood 
22.  “Do Time” in front of the Full-Spectrum 10,000 LUX S.A.D. Light 
23.  Play Games, All Sorts.  

24.  Writers Workshop with published author Buffy McKay 

 25. Homemade Christmas Gifts from the Heart: 10 gifts you can make for the holidays, on the cheap with your kids! 

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Please Come Along on with us on Our Journey Home!

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