Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Over the past two and a half weeks I have spent half of my time in Anchorage conducting my senior project presentation for my bachelors degree in business administration and management with a non-profit business emphasis.  I presented my 108 page senior project “Native Youth Olympics: Outcomes for Alaska Native Athletes” to the business department at Alaska Pacific University and was awarded a “Senior Project of Distinction”.  
Past the halfway mark (home) - Snowy Pass Near Eureka 12/16/13 
This past Saturday I graduated with honors (cum laude).  It’s been a whirlwind semester with the move to The Moose Lodge and the final semester of my undergraduate degree, at last.  
Graduation - w/ my best friend, Sara - 12/14/13 
Standing here on the other side of graduation, I am finally able to fully comprehend the multitude of changes in our life, today - here now, as compared with our life this time last year, and what I thought our life would be like one year out.  Thus far it’s been far more incredible, rewarding, and wildly familar than I could have ever anticipated.  

Near the halfway point (home) 12/16/13
The 240 mile drive to “Town” never gets any shorter, but the last couple trips were improved greatly by Wicked on CD by Gregory Maguire. Changing how I viewed that down driving time helped transform the drive from an exhausting time suck into an opportunity to sit and sip my tea, listen to someone read aloud, and enjoy the incredible scenery that stretches from the moment we depart The Moose Lodge, until we pull into my parents driveway some five hours later.  
Near the halfway point (town) 12/2/13 
In the coming days I’ll be featuring a guest blog post by Chelle Gonzales, Master Crafter, Fashion Designer, and Upcycling Queen.  Later in the month Tracy Johnson, Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer will share a yoga sequence to shrug off the winter blahs and leave you feeling refreshed.  
12/2/13 Mt. Sanford (L) and Mt. Drum (R) 
As we approach the New Year I will be featuring a blog post on goal setting tips, tricks, ideas, and different approaches to setting yourself up for success in the coming year!  It's great to be back home again!  

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Christmas at The Moose Lodge 

- Honey Mama

Near the halfway point (home) 12/16/13

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About 1/4 of the way to town 12/12/13
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